Fields Within Education

Education is a career area that allows for great diversity and many challenges. Most people can find something that fits their talents, interests, and abilities within education. Of course, teaching is the education career field that immediately comes to mind, but there are many more.

A school can be compared with a small city or a large company, requiring many of the same services. From administration to provision, from cafeteria to curriculum development, from library to records-keeping, from plant management to finances, from security to student health, from human resources to performing arts, education careers have something for everyone. Everyone can play a part in creating an environment that nurtures learning, launches the next generation, and prepares students to make a positive contribution to the world.

The following are a few more of the many fields available within education to the individual who is willing to prepare, commit and grow, work hard, sacrifice, learn, and invest oneself in the future of others to secure a better future for us all.