Teaching Career Articles and Resources

There’s always something new to learn, even when you’re educating others. Teachers constantly have to stay on top of new developments in the field, earn continuing education credits to become recertified or acquire endorsements, and come up with interesting projects and other learning tools that will keep their students motivated. But, there is plenty of help available. Following is a list of some online resources that can make your teaching career a bit easier:

    • Department of Education. This federal agency is probably the first stop for public school teachers who need to stay well informed about important educational issues. This site is also where you can find vital information on the basics of becoming a teacher, finding job opportunities, assessing and improving your students’ performance, and continuing education and other professional development aids.
    • EdArticle.com. Written and submitted by teachers, parents, principals, administrators, and educational experts, this collection of informational articles covers educational topics ranging from alternate education to standardized testing.
    • FREE. The federal government knows that it can be daunting searching through all of the material it has available. This companion site maintained by the Department of Education makes it a little easier by collecting more than fifteen hundred teaching and learning resources from more than sixty-five different federal agencies and arranging them all by subject and topic.
    • PBS Teachers. The lesson plans, teaching activities, interactive games, videos, and other media products available on this site are tied into the on-air programming of local Public Broadcasting System (PBS) stations. PBS also provides online professional teacher development through the more than one hundred thirty graduate-level courses for educators on its PBS TeacherLine site as well as networking opportunities on the PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection.
    • Promethean World. This company develops interactive learning and classroom technology solutions with the help of tech-savvy former educators. It also maintains an online community of teachers and offers free resources such as educator forums, training courses, and interactive lessons.
    • Scholastic. Scholastic, the well-known publisher of educational textbooks and other learning products for K-12 students, has a whole section of its website devoted to your teaching career. You can find books for students by reading level, book clubs, lesson plans, interactive student activities for the web and the whiteboard, articles from Instructor magazine, and an online teacher store.
    • Sites for Teachers. This site provides links to hundreds of educational websites where you can find free activities, crafts, games, lesson plans, and worksheets-all ranked by popularity.
    • Teaching Articles. On this site, an educator and writer collects and posts links to educational articles such as “Setting up Kids to Fail?” as well as to educational books you can purchase from third-party sites.
    • Teaching Today. Launched by a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, another eminent name in educational publishing, this website offers free downloads, an online glossary, a newsletter, lesson plans, teaching tips, videos, and how-to articles such as “Building Parent-Teacher Relationships.”
    • Teachers Continuing Education. This website conveniently brings together in one place links to professional development resources from a variety of sources. It includes online courses, certification information, conferences, workshops, teacher job listings, general educational resources, educational news, a free teacher newsletter, and links to various other educational websites from the federal government, nonprofit associations, professional organizations, and the state departments of education for all fifty states and the District of Columbia.